Frames and Lenses


All of our products are among the cutting edge of the optical technology.

Our Ophthalmic lenses come from some of the best manufacturers in the world, including Essilor (Varilux), Zeiss and Nikon. These companies have an impeccable reputation for quality and ensure superb visual performance.

Our frames collection has been specially chosen for their characteristics, craftsmanship and unique attributes behind the frames.


The key to an ideal pair of spectacles is the craftsmanship behind the frames. Although we stock a small selection of designer names, the majority of our frames are created by expert Optometrists and architects who understand the importance of function, comfort and originality of designs.


Types of Lenses Plastic or glass, this is the simplest form of visual correction available. However choosing the right lens for your prescription is a science. Together we will help you make the right decision to make this process as simple – and pain-free – as possible.

Type of lens correction: Single vision, varifocals or bifocals

Thinner and lighter lenses: Especially relevant for high prescriptions lens coatings:

Anti-reflection coatings, sunglass tints, photochromic lenses.

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